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Well known and Popular cattle bread of TamilNadu . Popular breed for Jallikattu . Also Known as Draught Breed. Calfs are red at birth, but changes to grey at about few months of age. The males are generally grey in color with black or very dark grey markings on the head, neck, hump and quarters. Cows are generally white and grey with deep markings on the knees, and just above the fetlocks on all four legs. The most prominent feature of this breed is that they have dark eyes with prominent black rings around them. Horns are long and strong, take backward, outward and upward sweep and then curving inward with tips tending to meet each other to form crescent shape

Lets look at the Statistics of the breed

Native - Kangeyam, Tamil Nadu , India

Areas - Salem , Erode , Coimbatore, Dindigul, Thiruppur,

Milk Quality - High nutritious value with no bad fat

Milking Capability - 3 litres to 15 liters per day , Average - 0.5 to 6 litres

Colour - Black, Grey , brown, White , Mixed combinations

Purpose - Jallikattu , Bullock cart , Ploughing and farm activities

Resistance to Disease - Highly immune

Affordability - Due to recent Spotlight on the breed , The prices have increased by 70%.The price ranges from

Bull - 35000 to 150000 rupees

Cow - 25000 to 80000

Calf - 10000 to 20000

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