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Broiler Chicken vs Country Chicken a quick Post

Broiler Chicken (Slow Poison ) vs Free range country Chicken (Healthiest Protein) - Comment your preferred options , and your favorite dish.

1.Broiler chicken chicken reaches 2 kg in 45 days , while free range country chicken takes 180 days to reach 1.5 kg's 2. Broiler chicken are Tipple times fatty than free range chicken which is good for health. 3. Broiler chickens are fed with same food with Antibiotics, Growth hormones etc thought their life while free range chicken eat multiple grains, grass, worms etc 4. Broiler chickens hardly move in their life time , while Country chicken never stop running 5. Broilers just earn income to corporates and companies, While the healthier country chicken provide income to small scale farmers. 6. Country chicken cost twice the Broiler chicken , but for all the above good reason.

Cheaper and attractive ones are not always wiser choice , Think twice you buy next time friends. Lets go back to our fore fathers ideology on food .

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